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This is an archive of all of my Tip of the Day postings.

Game Development

Developing games with PushButton Engine – Part 1 – Using Flex and Flash Builder
Developing games with PushButton Engine – Using the Console
Developing games with PushButton Engine – Understanding Local Flash Player Security
Developing games with PushButton Engine – Understanding the Difference Between UI and Game Simulation


Populate Version Number from an AIR Descriptor File in ANT


Flex Date Utils
Proxies… Make ‘em dynamic

Flex, Flash & ActionScript… In general

Getting a SWF’s background color
A new way to get involved with Flex
Using Fireworks to skin those Flex Applications
When to use try – catch – finally
When to use include
Getting started with Cocomo
Learn Object-Oriented Programming
Having an affair with Flash
AS3 Language Reference for your iPhone
Tricks of the microphone settings panel
Get notified when someone checks in to the Flex SDK
Creating an AIR application for a kiosk
Using interactive assets from Flash in Flex
Understanding the Flex bug system (JIRA)
Flex Coding Conventions
Flipping Display Objects
How to create a prompt field on your mx:ComboBox

Flex/Flash Builder

Using the libs directory in Flex Builder
Flex Builder, Open Resource shortcut
Compile your AIR Applications for Flash Player 10
Flex Builder Tips – The Flex Show style
Update your copy of Flex Builder
Building AIR 2 applications with Flash Builder 4
Updating to Flash Builder 4.0.1


Mouse wheel scrolling on the mac


Tools of the freelancer
Mocking up your application / website
LinkedIn… A Flex (and Flash) developers best friend
Leverage Sprouts to quickly get your Flex projects up and running
Quick and inexpensive design work


Widget Development on the Flash Platform
Why Widgets?
Deploying a scalable widget.
Allow user to share your widget… externally
Use your logo as your widget’s pre-loader
Widget personalization is important!

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