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Back in April of 2010 we introduced ZaaIL, which was an Alchemy port of the open source C DevIL image library. ZaaIL was released to our labs as simply an experimental project to serve a specific purpose and to also allow for us to learn the ins and outs of Adobe’s Alchemy project.

Since our release of ZaaIL, there have been loads of questions and clients who have contacted us regarding deeper support of three formats: TIFF, JP2000 and DICOM.

We’re happy to announce that ZaaLabs has addressed the first of those three image formats, the TIFF format.

ZaaTiff (AS3 and JavaScript)

We currently have a build of what we’re calling our ZaaTiff library. Below you can see screenshot of us parsing a TIFF file and displaying it in Flash in the browser. We have also built a very rudimentary document viewer using minimal comps.

We also have built out an ExternalInterface JavaScript bridge.

And finally, we have also built out an experimental JavaScript version of the TIFF Parser which renders to an HTML5 Canvas.

We need your help!

The TIFF file specification is expansive, and finding test images of all the different formats is quite difficult. In an effort to make ZaaTiff all-encompassing, we need more test images of varying types.

What we’re looking for:

  • 1 Bit Per Pixel / Group 3 1D / CCITT modified Huffman RLE
  • 1 Bit Per Pixel / Group 3 2D / CCITT Group 3 fax encoding
  • 1 Bit Per Pixel / Group 4 2D / CCITT Group 4 fax encoding
  • 8 Bits Per Pixel / JPEG Compression
  • 8 Bits Per Pixel / LZW Compression
  • 24 Bits Per Pixel / LZW Compression
  • 24 Bits Per Pixel / JPEG Compression
  • Pretty much any TIFF file…

If you have TIFF files sitting around, email them to info [at] zaalabs [dot] com, with the subject of “ZaaTiff Test Image”.

Any questions, comments, etc… feel free to comment below.


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