Announcing Ninjatude

This morning I would like to announce publicly that we’re currently developing a new cross-platform, cross-device game code named: Ninjatude. Ninjatude is being built on top of the latest Adobe Flash / Adobe AIR platform.

In a place known as The Forest (at least by the locals), there exists a clan of Ninja Squirrels who fight to keep the peace. Filled with the power of their greatest treasure, the mystic Golden Acorn, they root out evil and defend the creatures of the trees. Of course, since no good deeds go unpunished, the Ninja find their great treasure stolen away in the night. Deprived of their strength and ability, the Squirrels have sent out their best lone warrior to retrieve the Acorn.

We’re working with a stellar team of Game Designers, Artists and Developers coming to us from Digipen.

We need your help

I’d like to introduce you to our main character… who has yet to be named. So we need your help. Put your suggestions for names in the comments below. Here is some more concept art to get you thinking.

More information will be coming soon. So be sure to keep checking back here.


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