The Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst Betas Are Out!!

So I was going to write a great long blog post about how the Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4 betas are out… and resources you can use get started… But Ryan Stewart and Serge Jespers have both written amazing posts already. So all of you should do as I’m doing, and go download the betas and start finding bugs!!

I do give huge props to Adobe for releasing both of these betas in “June” as they said they would. To be quite honest, it’s still technically May here in Seattle. Great work Adobe, another job well done. *slow clap*

:: UPDATE ::

Also, major props to the Flex SDK team for getting the beta out even with all of the Fx prefix madness that has been going on.

:: UPDATE 2 ::

Adobe Developer Connection has posted a list of informational links about Flash Builder 4, Flex 4 SDK and Flash Catalyst. Check it out!

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