Tip of the Day – Update your copy of Flex Builder

So I had one of those moments today… I was programming along using Cocomo and Flash Player 10, and things just were not working. I was getting all sorts of obscure errors.

Well, I decided to check my version of Flex Builder… turns out I hadn’t updated to Flex Builder 3.0.2 yet. I know that it’s been out for a few months now, and I updated Flex Builder on my PC at work, but for some reason I forgot to update it on my MacBook Pro.

Well thankfully, updating Flex Builder is a very easy thing to do.

  1. Help > Search for Flex Builder Updates.
  2. Flex Builder will check to see if there are any updates.
  3. Make sure you select the Flexbuilder 3.0.2 update.
  4. It downloads.
  5. Then opens up this panel, click OK, and follow the steps.
  6. It makes you close out your copy of Flex Builder, and your web browser.
  7. Come on little installer, you can do it.
  8. Woot.
  9. And my problems all went away.

If you are behind a corporate firewall or Adobe Updater is blocked for any reason, you can update Flex Builder following the steps on the Adobe Flex updater website.

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