Tip of the Day – Having an affair with Flash

Expert Flash developers such as Grant Skinner, Keith Peters and Mr. Doob didn’t become Flash experts overnight. Take a look at Keith’s old labs page, or Grant’s Gallery Incomplet. These guys have been playing around and experimenting with the Flash platform for years.

Maybe you’re one of those people who say to themselves, I simply don’t have enough time to screw around with my own stuff… I’m way too busy… I need my insulin… I don’t know anything about math or physics. Well, cut the excuses and make the time! All it take is twenty minutes a day. Twenty minutes a day turns into more than 3 full work weeks a year. Don’t believe me? Here is the math:

20 minutes * 365 days / 60 hours / 8 hour work day = 15.2083 work days

If you’re like me, once you start experimenting those 20 minutes fly by, and before you know it your significant other is yelling at you that dinner is ready.

For example, it’s been snowing off and on here in Seattle. As I was gazing at the window watching the snow come down, I decided to try my hand at writing particle systems. Particle systems are something that have always intrigued me but I never could “find” the time. So instead of putting particles in the back of my mind (and ultimately never getting around to them), this weekend I researched and spent a few hours learning about particle systems. And I programmed this (move the mouse around):

It’s nothing breath-taking, but you know what… I know how to write a particle system now.

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