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Farewell Flex / AS3 Reference Guide :(

So this morning was working on an Adobe AIR prototype. With my headphones on and music playing, I may have gotten a bit into the music. Long story short… I knocked over my Pepsi Zero onto my Adobe technology platform ActionScript Reference (the cool pamphlet one that I got from MAX). It’s ruined, so I guess it’s back to the online Language Reference.

Curse you Ben Folds with your melodic twists and turns and memorable lyrics.

Farewell old friend… you will be sorely missed.

Tip of the Day – A new way to get involved with Flex

So the reason I haven’t posted a tip the past couple of days is because I have been working on a new project.

Check it out here —> Bug Quash

Please vote on the poll. We’re trying to see how much interest there is in this kind of event.

Any questions, comments, ideas, complaints, suggestions, etc… please post them below.

p.s. I know… this wasn’t really a tip… but I’m tired and it’s beddy time for Nate.

:: Update ::

New information including how to sign up for notifications —> here.

Tip of the Day – Flipping Display Objects

The tip that helped me the most lately is the with flipping objects with the help of matrices.

Here is the code:

function flip( display:DisplayObject, orientation:String ):void {
       var m:Matrix = display.transform.matrix;
       switch (orientation.toUpperCase()) {
               case "HORIZONTAL" :
                       m.a = -1;
                       m.tx = display.width + display.x;
               case "VERTICAL" :
                       m.d = -1;
                       m.ty = display.height + display.y;
       display.transform.matrix = m;
flip(logo, "horizontal");

This tip was provided by Sidney K. Thanks Sidney!

Tip of the Day – Flex Coding Conventions

Today’s tip is a short one… I have begun planning a very exciting Flex-centric event that is going to be held up here in Seattle. More on that later though.

Your tip for the day… The Flex SDK team has a guide that explains the coding conventions that they use within the SDK (for the most part).

Flex SDK coding conventions and best practices

I agree with almost all of the conventions they list here. If you’re planning on contributing the to Flex SDK, you NEED to be familiar with these conventions.