Register for the Flex SDK BugQuash! It’s free!

Soooo… it is 4:46 am here… Pacific Standard Time.  I stayed up all night finishing up the registration system so I could get this information out to all of you.

Registrations for the first Flex SDK BugQuash event are now open.  It’s free, so go ahead and sign up.  We’re very excited about it.

Register for the event —> here.

March 28th, 10am – 8pm in Seattle, WA

We will also be broadcasting the event, live. So even if you can’t attend physically… you can attend virtually (very ninja-like)! More information about the event can be found on

Night all!

:: Update ::

My bad, my bad.. I wrote the wrong time on this post. The actual time is from 10am – 8pm. My apologizes for the confusion.

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