Explaining my Adobeholism

So earlier today someone sent me an email asking me why I claim to be an Adobeholic. I figured it was an interesting question, so here is your answer… and yes, I’ll admit I’m a fan-boy.

My Dock

Let’s start off with my dock on my laptop:

I’m well aware that this isn’t every piece of software that Adobe makes, but it’s what I use.

I haven’t bought Premiere or After Effects because I haven’t had a need for them recently. I’ve been out of video editing for a while (Although, I might spring for AE soon, I have some fun video / Flash experiments in mind).

I’m not a print designer so InDesign is not my cup of tea.

Captivate isn’t on the Mac, or else I would absolutely have it. Does anybody know of a good screen recording solution for the Mac?

Director, meh… I’ll use Adobe AIR instead.

Flash Media Server developer edition is installed, and the Admin console isn’t on my dock.

Flash Paper isn’t on the Mac either… oh Flash Paper… you’ve had a rough life.

Anything I’m missing, please feel free to chime in.

My Career

I have built my entire career on Macromedia and Adobe products. Starting out as a web designer, and then moving into ColdFusion and ultimately working with the Flash platform. I’ve been riding the RIA and rich user experience wave since the beginning, and Adobe has been making that wave bigger and bigger with each passing year.

Currently, I am the Senior Adobe Developer (cool title right?) for T-Mobile USA’s Retail Technologies team.. doing research and prototype development using Adobe’s products.

My Free-time

As if working with Adobe products all day long at work wasn’t enough. When I get home, I spend most of my free-time working with Adobe products. It’s a curse really… I have all of these really cool ideas for projects and experiments, and only so much time within the day to work on them.

I also spend loads of my time reading blogs and articles, attending user groups, blogging, planning events (like the BugQuash), and many other things that are related to Adobe products.

My Bookshelf

And finally, my bookshelf:
My Bookshelf

This photo doesn’t include the boxes of books that I have in the garage, but it should give you an idea of my obsession with technology.


So that’s why I claim to be an Adobeholic. I’d love to see what all of your bookshelves look like. So take pictures and leave them in the comments below.

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